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Samantha May



My Story

Thank you for taking a look at my Scensty page! I've been using Scentsy for years and boy, do I love it! Amazing scents, beautiful warmers, and great items even for your kids. I personally love the counter clean, laundry line, and the amazing buddies they offer. My son loves his body wash and buddies. Our products are not only amazing for your home, but make great gifts. I love using products for baby or bridal showers or giving items for Christmas and birthday parties... every child needs a buddy!

I decided to start selling Scensty because I LOVE the products, I love seeing the new catalogs come out, and I love my home & car smelling amazing! The extra income is helping provide some comfort for us financially, but the trips Scentsy has offered has provided experiences like no other. The Scentsy Incentive Trips are beautiful, fun, and some places that we could never afford to go. I LOVE the travel opportunity.

I have fun sharing these products with my friends, family, and everyone! Scentsy has been an excellent company to be a part of and joining this company was such a wonderful decision. I earned my first incentive trip and they treated us like royalty. Since then, I decided I never wanted to miss another one. Scentsy absolutely spoiled us and I cannot wait to earn the next one! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our products or need any suggestions!

Happy Shopping!  

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